Recent Calls
Sat. Dec 26th 2015
Tuckerton EMS members transported our first patient in our newly outfitted ambulance. Pictured are EMT's Caitlin Nogalo, Meghan Yovankin, and EMS Captain Dale Eggert
Sun. Jun 21st 2015
Tuckerton Fire Department responded to a motor vehicle accident on US 9 near the NJ National Guard Armory. The patients were treated on scene by Tuckerton Fire and EMS personnel. One victim was tran...
Tue. Jul 8th 2014
At 10:52 a.m., Tuckerton Fire Department was dispatched to a fire alarm at Village on the Green Apartments Building 3, 500 East Main Street. At 10:56, the tones were again activated for a possible str...
Wed. Jan 29th 2014
At 10:35 a.m., Tuckerton Fire-Rescue was dispatched along with Mystic island and West Tuckerton Fire Companies to East Pimlico Road in Mystic Island for a report of a seal trapped on the ice.A joint e...
2019 Chevrolet Tahoe
Chief's Vehicle / Command Unit
Four Wheel Drive
Carries Chief's Personal Protective Equipment
Command Cabinet
Small Tools
2005 Ford F-250
Primarily used as a utility vehicle and secondary Chief/Command vehicle
1986 Ford/ Emrgency-One pumper.
Seating for 4 firefighters.
1,000 GPM pump.
750 Gallons of water
1,000' of 5" hose.
35', 24' 16' 14', 10', and 6' Ladders.

Third out engine, also serves as back-up first out engine and used for flood emergencies if required.
1994 Pierce pumper
1,250 GPM pump.
875 Gallons of water.
20 Gallons of Class "B' foam.
1,000' of 5" hose.
First out engine for calls other than structure fires and fire alarms..

Purchased from Cape May Court House in April, 2013.
2003 Kenworth/ Rescue 1...... Rescue/ Utility Truck.
Seating for 8 firefighters.
6- One hour SCBA and Spare Cylinders.
Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) Equipment.
Hurst "Jaws of Life" and other Extrication Equipment.
Breathing Air cascade and Fill Station.
Variety of Saws and Tools.
Generator, Extension Cords, and Lighting.
Emergency Medical Services Equipment and Supplies.
Winch, Chains, Ropes, Fan, & Spill Clean up Material.
16' extension ladder, 9' attic ladder, 6',8',10' pike poles.
Ice rescue equipment.
2020 Pierce Ascendant 107' "Quint"
6 Man Cab
1,500 Gallon Per Minute Pump
480 Gallons Water / 20 Foam
Husky Class A Foam System
107' Aerial Ladder with Waterway
200' of Ground Ladders

First out for structure fires and fire alarms.
Ambulance 505
2003 Ford/Braun
Primary first responder vehicle with transport capabilities.

Formerly in service with the Lambertville-New Hope Ambulance and Rescue Squad.
Ambulance 506
1998 Ford/Braun
Primary first responder unit with transport capabilities.

Formerly served with the Stockton (NJ) Fire Company.
Engine 773
1946 Ford/Great Eastern
1946 Ford Cab and Chassis, with 1947 Great Eastern (Oren) conversion.

500 GPM 2-stage pump.
300 Gallons of water.

Responded to fire calls until 1985 when replaced.
Still maintained by TFD. Currently used for parade duty and special events.
Engine 774
1939 Chevrolet/ Tuckerton Fire Dept.
Chevrolet Truck chassis purchased by TFD, and assembled by members using the hose body from an earlier Ford Model "T"/Waterous Fire Engine Company engine. An earlier photo shows chemical equipment mounted between the cab and body, then it had a PTO pump mounted, and later a government surplus 500 GPM pump was installed in house.

Replaced in the mid-1960's and sat behind the fire house on North Green St. until the late 80's, Then went to Bob Corliss and sat on his property. In the Spring of 2019, Bob gave it back to the TFD and it is undergoing restoration.
Retired Ambulance
1929 Packard
Acquired from Spring Lake First Aid Squad in 1936 to start the Tuckerton American Legion First Aid Squad, also lettered for the Tuckerton First Aid and Emergency Squad. Originally ran out of the Tuckerton Fire Company building on North Green Street. The Squad eventually became the Tuckerton First Aid Squad Inc., which operated out of its headquarters on Great Bay Blvd. until 1999, and was dissolved in 2013.
Retired Brush Truck
1966 Kaiser/ Tuckerton Fire Department
Originally a military pickup truck obtained through the N.J. Forest Fire Service, this unit was built up as a brush truck and painted by members of the Tuckerton Fire Company in the late 1970's. A surplus 500 GPM Chrysler engine driven pump was installed, as well as a steel tank made and donated by the Viking Yacht Company of New Gretna.
It was removed from service in the eighties due to the excessive weight and lack of garage space.
Last seen in operation at the NJFFS facility in Bass River Twp.
Retired Chemical Wagon
1937 Pierce Arrow
Although the actual year of this vehicle is unknown, in 1937, a friend of the fire department donated a Pierce Arrow touring car. The members of the department mounted four (4) forty (40) gallon chemical tanks and rolled out to fires in style. The vehicle is partially visible to the right in this vintage TFD Ladies Auxiliary photo. This is the only known photograph of this vehicle.
Retired Engine
1920 Ford Model TT/Waterous Fire Engine
Believed to be in service through the 1930's. The chassis was later used to power a saw mill. The fire conversion body was transferred to a 1939 Chevrolet chassis to complete an engine build by TFD members. That engine, along with this body, still exists. It is privately owned in the Tuckerton area in need of restoration.

Waterous Fire Engine Company builder's photo recently provided by SPAAMFA member, Mr. Warren Lun, Battle Creek, Michigan.
Retired Engine
1976 Ford/ Great Eastern (Oren).
Engine 50-21

1,000 GPM pump.
750 Gallons of water.

Purchased from Barnegat Light Fire Company in 2009 as a reserve, sold in 2013 to a private collector.
Retired Engine
1990 Ottawa/ Emergency Equipment, Inc. (EEI) pumper
Seats 7 firefighters.
1,500 GPM pump.
800 Gallons of water.
1,500 feet of 5" supply hose.

Ran last call July 14, 2020 then removed from service later that evening.
Retired Engine
1971 Ford/ TASC
Engine 947/ 50-01

1,000 GPM pump.
750 Gallons of water.

Replaced in 1991, Sold by the Borough of Tuckerton via bid to a dealer. Believed to have gone to Kentucky.

Photo by Jim Walters.......Courtesy of Scott Mattson
Retired Engine
1954 GMC/ TASC
Engine 772/ 50-11

750 GPM pump.
500 Gallons of water.
PTO pump for pump and roll operation.
Foam and Wet Water systems.
634-50 GMC Chassis

Sold to Barnegat, N.J. Fire Co. in 1986. Was donated to fire department in South Carolina that was devastated by Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Recovered from behind a firehouse in South Santee, South Carolina and brought back to Tuckerton in 2012 in need of restoration.

Richard Dunbar pic courtesy of Scott Mattson.
Retired Fire Boat
1999 21' Zodiac Hurricane
Used for rescue operations in tidal waters in Tuckerton and surrounding areas.

Formerly served the U.S. Coast Guard, Station Barnegat Light

Sold to a private party in 2015.
Retired Hand Drawn Apparatus
1895 Various
Undated photo of early apparatus in the old firehouse located on the "Mill Dam" across from the lake on what is now known as Route 9.
Ladder wagon on left is lettered "Pohatcong", Two wheel hose cart in the center, and the 1800's Howe Hand Operated pumper is on the right.
Retired Pumper
1928 Sanford
500 GPM Waterous Pump

Stripped of equipment and sold at auction in the 1960's to Joseph Teschko of Mystic Island. Was in Cramer's junkyard, New Gretna in 1969.
Retired Pumper
1895 Howe Hand Operated Engine
Unsure of year this engine purchased, or whether new or used.

Photo taken at the Tuckerton Railroad Locomotive shed fire on March 26, 1895.
According to John Brinckman's book on the Tuckerton Railroad, it arrived on the scene about 2:00 a.m.

Photo from a glass negative courtesy of the L. Wagner McCullough family.
Retired Utility Van
1966 Ford/ Boyertown
Utility 50-04

Used to carry turnout gear and other equipment to fire scenes, and had a generator with lighting. Air Packs were later installed, along with a tone encoder for dispatch capability.
Turnout gear was relocated to the firehouse in the 1980's, and this truck was placed out of service in the early 2000's when it was replaced by our current Rescue One/Kenworth rescue/utility vehicle.

Currently owned and in use by Maritime Marina in Tuckerton.

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